"Tucker is amazing! He knows what an athlete needs, their pains, how people compensate for injuries and what will get them back in the game as quickly and safely as possible. It's not always comfortable (although it could be if you wanted that) but it's ALWAYS the most effective. This guy is really, really good."

Martin Criminale

- National Champion Bicycle Racer

- Ultra Trail Runner

"Last year I created some lower back issues for myself due to poor core strength. I then over corrected the other way by focusing too much on strength at the expense of flexibility. This produced a painful pirrus formis issue that I really had no idea how to handle. In desperation I chose to visit Tucker who was able to provide immediate relief through massage and then set me up with some key stretches that have ultimately allowed me to work out of the issue. As an endurance athlete on a budget I really value that Tucker can help me make the most of my visit as I'll go months in between appointments."

Ryan Dean

- 46 year old Road and Cyclocross Racer

"Tucker was highly recommended by a fellow amateur bike racer and my physical therapist. I had been having chronic lower back pain and tight hip flexors. Tucker performed some pin point massage and trigger point techniques which really loosened me up. He also suggested several stretches to improve flexibility, and lessen future tightness. After several sessions with Tucker I not only felt more comfortable in daily activities but my athletic performance increased as well.

Thanks Tucker."

Greg Kauper

- Amateur Bicycle Racer

- Backcountry Skier